Naming ::content

The CSSWG has an issue open on the naming of the ::content pseudo-element being too general for its ShadowDOM-specific use. We would like to poll authors on their preferences.

What this pseudo-element does is, it allows selecting items that have been pulled in from the light DOM and projected through the shadow tree.

<div id=web-component>
  <p class=normal>I’m a normal child! I’m hidden because there’s a shadow root attached to the component.</p>
  <p class=selected>I’m another child. I’m shown because the shadow root selects me.</p>

<::shadow> /* attached to #web-component */
  <p class=shadow>I’m in the shadow tree. I get shown, along with whatever the <content> element selects.</p>
  <content select="p.selected"></content>
    p { color: blue; } /* styles only the p.shadow element */
    ::content p { color: green; } /* styles only the p.selected element */

The three options under consideration are:

Because it is referencing the content pulled into the shadow through the <content> ShadowDOM element. (This is the current name for the pseudo-element.)
Because it references <content> but also the fact that this is pulled from the light DOM tree
Because we are referencing content that does not directly belong to the light DOM, but is rather projected through the shadow tree's manipulations (selection, reordering, etc.).
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