Grid Layout LCWD Spec Workshop

The CSS Grid Layout spec is currently being finalized—Tab and I are hoping to send it to CR at the CSSWG's Sydney F2F meeting in early February. It's a very powerful new layout module for CSS, and the spec is consequently pretty complicated to understand. So we're going to run a few workshops to collect feedback and to get your help with making the spec better and easier to understand.

This is not a lecture. This is not a classroom. We are working together to make the spec better. And you will learn a lot.

Note that, unlike the Flexbox workshop series, the spec here is rather less polished. Be prepared to be confused, and to help us make it all less confusing. :)


You will understand CSS Grid Layout inside out. Not just well-enough to use it for some things, but well enough to undertand what it's good at, what it isn't, and how to use it for anything it's capable of doing.

You will also help make the spec better, for everyone to use.


Your time and attention and your examples/illustrations/suggestions for improvement. Possibly a share of venue fees, if we end up needing to rent out space.

When and where?

These are ad-hoc meetings, and we need your help to organize them. They'll run from 9:30am until we finish (likely 9pm or so), or possibly be split into two days.

San Francisco Bay Area
Aiming for Wed 20 January 2016; Mozilla SF, 7th floor. (Meet at 1st floor front desk at 9:30am) RSVP by messaging fantasai. Currently RSVPed: Jina Anne, Sarah Drasner (@sara_edo), Chris Eppstein (@chriseppstein), Brandon Ferrua (@bferrua), Daniel Holbert (@CodingExon), Stephanie Rewis (@stefsull), Greg Rewis (@garazi), Kaelig (@kaelig), Tom Voltz, Estelle Weyl (@estellevw), Yas Etessam
New York City
10:30am Feb 27+28 at A Space Apart. Please RSVP! Currently RSVP'd: Rachel Andrew, Malika Butler, Paul Kinchla, Eric Lewis, Kevin Lozandier, Andrey Rybka, Jen Simmons, Sergio Villar Senin, Melanie Sumner, Jared Wein, Jeffrey Zeldman
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
Friday 13 May 2016. Run by Jonathan Kingston and Michiel Bijl. RSVP to workshop ~at~
Your Place
Anytime you want, providing you can find some other interested people and are willing to run it yourself. See instructions. Send any resulting feedback to

What to bring

What are we doing?

Reading through the entire spec from top to bottom, taking notes, sketching illustrations, creating examples, identifying errors and other nonsense, reviewing and discussing feedback, and trying to make the spec understandable to mere mortals.

Note: This is a super-advanced CSS workshop. If you don't know what a “containing block” or a “block formatting context” is, you might want to do some reading ahead of time.

Who's running this?

fantasai (aka Elika J. Etemad), co-editor of the spec