CSS Status Report

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This is an unofficial report prepared by fantasai mostly for her own benefit.

(Almost) Publishable (< ½day)
Needs Work (1-3days)
Needs Major Work
Module Level Status Latest Edits Issues Notes
Gross Layout
CSS Flexbox L1 CR 2018/11
CSS Grid L1 CR 2017/12 Blocked on 2303 + DoC
CSS Grid L2 WD 2018/8 Needs L1 prose merge; blocked on L1 publication
CSS Box Alignment L3 WD 2018/8 CR blocked on dbaron's issues
CSS Display L3 CR 2018/8 1 day editing + 1-2 telecons
CSS Box L3 WD 2018/8
CSS Writing Modes L3 CR 2018/5 Needs impl report
CSS Writing Modes L4 CR 2018/5 Needs impls
CSS Logical Properties L1 WD 2018/8
CSS Multi-column Layout L1 WD 2018/5
CSS Fragmentation L3 CR 2018/11
CSS Fragmentation L4 ED Agenda+ for FPWD
Inline Layout
CSS Inline Layout L3 WD 2018/8 × leading-trim and initial letter margins
CSS Ruby L1 WD 2014/8 × × Needs DoC to triage work
CSS Text L3 WD 2018/9 Need to publish with overflow-wrap: anywhere. Remainder blocked on r12a, minor issues, DoC
CSS Text L4 WD 2018/9 Need to publish with letter-spacing: percent
CSS Text Decoration L3 CR 2018/7 Fix 3272
CSS Text Decoration L4 WD 2018/3 ×
CSS Fonts L3 REC 2018/9
CSS Fonts L4 WD 2018/9 ?
Selectors L4 WD 2018/11
CSS Pseudo-elements L4 WD 2016/7 ×
CSS Values and Units L3 CR 2018/8
CSS Value and Units L4 WD 2018/10 × ×
CSS Cascading and Inheritance L3 CR 2018/8
CSS Cascading and Inheritance L4 CR 2018/8 3332
CSS Conditional Rules L3 CR 2013/4 Needs DoC
CSS Conditional Rules L4 ED Block on L3 or make as diff
CSS Syntax L3 CR 2014/2 × ×
Media Queries L3 REC 2012/6
Media Queries L4 CR 2017/9
Media Queries L5 ED × ×
CSS Backgrounds and Borders L3 CR 2017/10
CSS Backgrounds and Borders L4 ED × × Multiple outstanding resolutions
CSS Fill and Stroke L3 FPWD 2017/4 Needs triage
CSS Color L3 REC 2018/6
CSS Color L4 WD 2016/7 ? ×
CSS Images L3 CR 2012/4
CSS Images L4 WD 2017/4 ? ?
Graphical Transforms
CSS Transforms L1 WD 2017/11 Almost CR
CSS Transforms L2 ED !!!!!!! ? ? NEEDS FPWD ALREADY OMG
CSS Motion path L1 WD 2017/7 One issue needs edits, that's all.
CSS Easing Functions L1 WD 2017/10 3205
CSS Scroll Snap L1 CR 2018/8 Trivial fixes
CSS Scroll Snap L2 Just needs to define an event model
CSS Basic UI L3 REC 2018/6
CSS Basic UI L4 WD 2017/12 ? × Critically need appearancespec
CSS Scrollbars L1 WD 2018/9 Mostly just needs edits
CSS Overflow L3 WD 2018/7