the CSSWG process Elika J. Etemad aka fantasai W3C CSS Working Group Invited Expert


Spec Maturation Process

W3C Recommendation Track

W3C Recommendation Track

  • Working Draft (WD)
    Design phase
  • Candidate Recommendation (CR)
    Testing phase
  • Recommendation (REC)
    Completed phase
  • Spec Maturation Process
    Exploring Incomplete, rapidly changing.
    May include many features that will be dropped later.
    Revising Mostly complete and has a well-defined scope.
    Several more rounds of significant revisions expected.
    Refining Fairly stable: only minor polishing and fairly specific comments left.
    New features deferred to next level.
    Testing Complete but not finished.
    Official Call for Implementations. Focus switches to testing.
    Stable Considered stable and ready for wide use. Added to CSS Snapshot.
    Minor issues, bugs, and some missing tests prevent REC.
    Completed Spec is done and enters maintenance mode.
    Infrequent and minor errata.
    Specs vs. Software
    Exploring Whiteboard drawings and discussions! pre-FPWD / early WD
    Revising Pre-alpha (prototyping) mid-stage WD
    Refining Alpha (bleeding edge) late-stage WD
    Testing Beta (ready for early adoption) early CR
    Stable x.0 Release (ready for everyone) Snapshot CR
    Completed x.1 Release (last bugs fixed) PR, REC

    Modularization & Levelling

    Monolithic Model

    Modular Model

    Syntax CSS2 L3 CR
    Selectors L3 REC L4 WD
    Cascading L3 CR L3 CR
    Display Types L3 CR
    Sizing L3 WD L4 ED
    Block Layout
    Inline Layout L3 WD
    Positioning L3 WD
    Text L3 WD L4 WD
    Fonts L3 REC L3 WD



    Levelling Strategy

    Modularization Dangers

    People and Roles

    CSSWG Roles

    Spec “Editing” as Ownership


    Communication: Hybrid Model

    Delegating Authority

    early WD late WD CR REC
    Editorial Editors Editors Editors WG
    Bugfix WG
    Limited Impact WG
    Wide Impact WG

    People Matter

    Further Reading

    the CSS Snapshot