1. Welcome to

    Test the Web Forward, Seattle!

    Elika J. Etemad (fantasai) Mozilla Project W3C CSS Working Group
  2. Introduction

    Hi! I'm fantasai.
    aka Elika J. Etemad.

  3. Purpose

    Write Once,
    Works Everywhere

  4. All About Testing

    Exploratory Testing
    Q: What happens if I do this?
    Regression Testing
    Q: Did results change from yesterday?
    Bug Investigation Testing
    Q: What is broken here?
    Conformance Testing
    Q: Does this scenario follow the spec?

    Can convert from one to another / create multi-purpose tests.

  5. W3C Standards Process

    1. Designing It → Working Draft (WD)
    2. Testing It → Candidate Recommendation (CR)
    3. Maintaining It → Recommendation (REC)
  6. Interoperability

  7. Community

  8. Thanks!

  9. Move the Web Forward!

    Write Once,
    Works Everywhere