fantasai: Web Design

Notes on good practices, drawn from discussions over the years.

Good Coding Practices

Writing Efficient, Semantic Markup

Read Tantek Çelik's excellent articles:

Designing for Handhelds

Pocket-Sized Design: Taking Your Website to the Small Screen

This article presents a set of general suggestions for creating a handheld-friendly style sheet that works well even on handheld screens no wider than 120px.


Content and Hype, or, English Composition for Marketers

A professional attitude means being honest and straightforward: it means presenting yourself well. It does not mean pretending to be what you're not.


Seamless Localization with Static Files on Apache 2.0+

I'm in the school of thought that thinks speakers of languages other than English shouldn't be given a second-rate website experience when the translations and technology for a first-rate experience all already exist.

URI Structure

Principles for Designing Webite URI Structures

The URI structure should reflect the best logical organization of the documents on the server by exploiting its hierarchical nature.


See "Adding Files" and "Linking, Anchors, and URLs" in the draft Documenation Style Guide