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This is a snapshot of the page circa December 8, 2003. See the current version at

Mozilla Firebird 0.7

Technology Preview:
Mozilla Firebird

Mozilla Firebird is a preview of next generation browsing technology from

Mozilla Firebird empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Mozilla Firebird stands out ahead.

A screenshot of the Mozilla browser while surfing the Web
...Firebird is likely to soar past IE
- Joel Spolsky, Leading
Technology Commentator
A sweet piece of work.
- Jon Udell, INFOWORLD

New in 0.7

Speed and Standards

Firebird is built on Mozilla's Gecko technology - giving you industry leading standards compliance and speedy page display.


Mozilla Firebird presents a a fast and convenient new way to browse the web - now you can open several pages in one window in separate browser tabs. Open links in the background while you read a web page, then continue to the links when you're done - pages are available when you need them, making the web feel faster even over slow connections.

Popup Blocking

Popup advertising is one of the most annoying things to hit the web in recent years. Mozilla Firebird shields you from unwanted popup advertising. It also gives you control to allow certain sites to open popup windows, if required to operate.

Integrated Search

Mozilla Firebird makes finding things easy. The built in Google bar provides convenient access to the best search engine on the web. Simply click in the Google bar or press Ctrl+K, type some words and press Enter.

Efficient Navigation

Details are important to us. Sometimes it really is easier to navigate with the keyboard. Mozilla Firebird lets you open links by simply typing some of the text in the link - no mouse necessary.


Automatically download files to your Desktop or another location with the new AutoDownload feature. Downloading becomes much simpler without windows popping up asking you where to save, etc.

More Features...

Mozilla Firebird is a Technology Preview.

While this software may work well enough to be relied upon as your primary browser, we make no guarantees of its performance or stability in its pre-1.0 state and it should not be relied upon for mission- critical tasks. See the License Agreement for more information.

Support and Discussions

Need support? Ask your question at the technical support forum. Firebird Specific Forums are also available for general discussion.

For frequently asked questions, tips & tricks, downloadable themes and extensions, visit Mozilla Firebird Help.

For Developers

The development pages cover source code, developer resources, roadmap, etc.