A Touch of Class

f. rainne

Losing it

Sometimes I feel like I'm losing it.

Like now.

Slipping towards insanity.
But what is insanity?

Right now, I see it. It's being too close to the dreamworld, losing touch with reality. The world becomes less real: I know the table in front of me is real, solid wood. I can touch it. But it seems somehow translucent, as if the world itself is a dream, an illusion.

And the dreamworld, it's a shadow-land -- a mysterious land of criss-crossing stories, paths that can be walked correspondingly in reality. And all the paths I see lead to wandering, to loneliness and sorrow. They aren't real. They're archetypal.

It's.. scary.

On another note, Boris has sent a lot of emails about CSS2.1 to www-style today.

I still don't even have a printout.

Why'd I have to be sick during the last call period? grrr!!

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. Oscar Levant