A Touch of Class

f. rainne

"A Touch of Class"

I was sitting in the park in Oslo a few blocks from Opera this evening during the prolonged Norwegian sunset, writing out the details of how to do character shaping in vertical context and listening to "All Around the World" by ATC—one of my favorite music tracks. I bought their CD used from Scotti's several years ago; I really only wanted that one track. It reminds me of swift bits of violet light and of my best friend Allison.

Also, I'd just skimmed through Tantek's post "A Touch of Class", which is my favorite coding-style writeup. I'd like to give it a visitor boost soon, because it says some things that need to be said and does so quite eloquently. I only wish there was a separate, independent page with just that article. (I tend to lose the article in the midst of all the other blog posts when I start scrolling around. And it would be better to refer people to one up-to-date page which collects "A Touch of Class" and related bits of coding advice scattered throughout his weblog into one article.)

I think I'm going to drop my blog post numbering scheme, except maybe from the title. Numbers don't work too well for me because I want posts in chronological order, but I'm a lazy and undisciplined excuse for a blogger and writing things in chronological order doesn't work. -.-; I can write them out of order and splice them in later, though.

I like my blogging system. :P

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