A Touch of Class

f. rainne

A Stitch in Time

So my computer disappeared over this weekend. IBM ThinkPad, complete with power cord, Ethernet cord, floppy drive, carry bag, and a piece of moss-green 100lb-strength cord.

I got very, very lucky I backed up my important files over the summer. All the work I've done since August is on the web: either in email archives and the like, or on my website. That makes my main loss in records of personal communication — my chat logs and off-list emails, etc.

On the upside, I got a very nice fortune cookie at dinner. :)

You can see beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.


I filed a report today, and, wonderously, public safety found it in the computer cluster.

My mother suggests that whoever took it returned it (perhaps because I have a power-on password?) because we'd checked the cluster on Sunday and it was not there.

Lesson of the Day

I guess my New Year's resolution this year is to back up my files more frequently. :)


archie the office cockroach on beauty - oh, come now, it is kinda relevant, isn't it?

A stitch in time saves nine. English proverb