A Touch of Class

f. rainne

An Absence of Aesthetics

Matthew Raymond had the courage to post to the WHATWG list about Hixie's latest attempt at designing a logo. (It's supposed to be two text fields, btw, not an equals sign. Nevermind that it's a drop shadow instead of an inset.)

Now, I have great respect for Hixie as a technology designer, but he's not particularly proficient at graphical design, imho. He also refuses to admit that it has any significant amount of importance, (although he will steadfastly oppose (or ignore) any visual design suggestions he doesn't personally like). He doesn't like logos made up of letters, hence the abstract symbolism of the equals sign.

Now, I'm not very much better at graphic design myself, so would some kind graphic artist please have pity on us all and design the Web Hypertext Applications Working Group a decent logo? Please?