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f. rainne

Revised CSS3 Text - First Public Working Draft

The following announcement was sent out to the www-style, www-international, and unicode mailing lists on June 28:

The CSS Working Group has just released a new W3C Working Draft for the CSS3 Text Module, which covers many of the i18n-related features of CSS3:


This draft replaces and obsoletes the previous CSS3 Text Candidate Recommendation issued on 14 May 2003. This is a thorough (and as yet incomplete) redrafting of CSS3 Text, so most of the text has changed. A list of the major changes and their justification appears in section 8.

As a W3C Working Draft, CSS3 Text Effects is a work in progress. Please read the Status section, and don't panic.

Feedback is requested from anyone with something useful to say! The preferred forum is the www-style@w3.org mailing list, but I will also try to follow any discussion on www-international@w3.org and unicode@unicode.org.

Please tag your comments with [CSS3 Text] in the subject line.



There are a lot of open questions marked in the draft, and several areas (like line breaking) could do with more detailed rules. Constructive feedback is encouraged, and I will respond. (If I don't, feel free to pester me about it.)