A Touch of Class



I suppose I should mention that I've been burned out on spec work since about August, and I'm barely keeping up with www-style. I started as a proper employee* at Mozilla on August 15th, btw, and let me tell you, starting a new job when all you want to do is quit is pretty f*cked up.

I'll keep making the edits people ask of me, but my reserves are empty: I have nothing left to drive anything anywhere. I have no desire to discuss with anyone about anything. So as of September 1st, I'm working on Gecko implementation for while, where I can be off in my little corner by myself writing my own pretty code to clean up the grand mess that is nsBlockFrame, and not dealing with spec people or spec writing.

* While I've been with the Mozilla Project for many years, workwise I've been operating an independent contractor the past 4+ years, working on CSS specs/testing/implementation for HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Antenna House.