A Touch of Class



An Inside View of the CSS Working Group at W3C

Cette série d’articles est en train d'être traduite en français par Jérémie Patonnier et Frédéric Bourgeon de Mozilla Francophone !

The CSS Working Group is tasked with maintaining the existing CSS standards and creating new ones. There have been many new people joining our group lately, in addition to more non-members interacting with us. Since it usually takes someone a year or so of participation to figure out how the CSS WG works, I thought I'd take a moment (well, a week; I write slowly) to explain everything.

This series of posts is simply about how we operate in reality.

  1. People and Roles
  2. Communication
  3. Making Decisions
  4. Modularization
  5. Spec Process
  6. Sources of Innovation

Thanks go to Arron Eicholz for rhetorical support, to Tantek Çelik for historical corrections, and to timeless for copyediting~

Tab Atkins and I reused this material for a session on Agile Standardization within the W3C Process at W3C's 2011 Technical Plenary. You can see our slides, the minutes, and a summary on the wiki page.