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Job Description of a Standards Engineer

My manager asked me to write up my job description, since HR didn't have one on file. Thought others might also find it amusing, so I'm posting it here. :)

Job title (I am totally making this up)
Senior Web Standards Engineer
Job description
Design upcoming features and coordinate the details of CSS implementations on the Web by drafting, editing, and improving the CSS standards and test suites, and keeping the CSSWG running smoothly. Your job will involve:
  • Drafting CSS specification prose and responding to feedback
  • Providing technical reviews, advice, and feedback on CSS modules and related specifications
  • Guiding new editors through the CSS spec-development process
  • Facilitating the CSSWG's communications by managing WG records and acting as liaison to the external community
  • Coordinating CSS compliance testing
  • Consulting on the Gecko implementation of CSS
Job requirements
  • Writing clear, readable, yet exceedingly precise technical prose
  • Deep understanding of CSS, both theory and practical use
  • Discussing, designing, and analyzing CSS processing and layout models both within and without implementation context
  • Driving discussions to consensus through technical excellence, clear communication, and understanding and serving the requirements of all stakeholders
  • Efficiently and effectively shepherding specs through the W3C process
  • Working effectively with people from different corporate cultures
  • Frequent travel, both domestic and international
  • Native fluency in HTML and CSS a requirement, C++ skills a plus