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Change of Affiliation 2023-05-03
Switching from W3C Invited Expert to Apple/WebKit
Thoughts on the May 2019 W3C Advisory Board Election 2020-05-19
Some context on W3C’s election and its candidates...
W3C Process 2020 Presentation 2020-05-19
Presenting the first major update to the W3C Process in a very long time...
Thoughts on the May 2019 W3C Advisory Board Election 2019-05-11
The next few years are critical to W3C’s existence, so here's some context on the election and its candidates.
Running for the W3C Advisory Board 2019-04-30
My coworkers finally peer-pressured me into running.
Designing CSS 2019-04-02
Last September, I participated in the “W3C Workshop on Digital Publication Layout and Presentation” in Tokyo, where I had the opportunity to expand on the design principles of CSS I first presented in my Evolution of CSS Layout talk in 2011.
Thoughts on the May 2018 W3C Advisory Board Election 2018-05-04
Who I'd place on the W3C Advisory Board and why.
Environmental Sustainability Recommendations for Mountain View Buildings 2018-04-30
Summary of greenhouse gas reduction recommendations from the City of Mountain View’s public input event.
The Way of Music 2018-04-02
Excerpts from a letter about moving forward through a maze of lost.
Washing Dishes Clean 2017-02-22
An explanation of what it means to wash dishes clean, and how to do it.
Open Letter on the Iran Nuclear Deal 2015-08-15
An argument in favor of approving the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Recipe for a Minimum Viable Kitchen 2014-11-09
How little can one pack and still have a fully-functional chef´s kitchen?
Creating a Paid Contributor Agreement for Mozilla 2014-11-09
David Boswell wants to create a Volunteer Agreement for Mozilla. I propose creating a Non-Volunteer Agreement for Mozilla.
On Brendan Eich and the Separation of Concerns 2014-11-09
A summary of the most informed writing on the Brendan Eich controversy, and some perspective from my 15 years as a Mozillan.
TAG Election Endorsements 2012 2014-11-09
Thoughts on the upcoming TAG election of 2012.
Approaching UTR50 2012-08-14
A response to Taro Yamamoto's proposal for Mixed Vertical Orientation
Job Description of a Standards Engineer 2012-08-14
My manager asked me to write up my job description, since HR didn't have one on file. Thought others might also find it amusing, so I posted it here.
Evolution of CSS Layout 2012-08-14
I presented at PhillyETE on the history and future of CSS layout. Here are my notes, slides, and a screencast.
W3C Process Potholes 2011-10-25
A discussion of problems with the W3C Process.
about:csswg 2011-11-02
An Inside View of the CSS Working Group at W3C
about:fantasai 2011-09-29
Wherefor fantasai.
Hiatus 2011-09-19
I need a break. Can I spend a few weeks by myself with a C++ compiler, pretty please?
E Pluribus Unum 2011-06-29
Daniel Glazman's reflections on Mozilla's miscommunications, because sometimes someone else expresses clearly the vague unease at the back of one's mind.
Towards a Unified Ruby Model 2011-06-14
More than you ever wanted to know about the design of ruby annotation markup.
Creating the Future of CSS Testing (2011 Edition) 2011-01-07
The current status of the W3C CSS testing infrastructure, the intended future of CSS testing, and what's missing to get us there.
Creating the Future of CSS Testing 2009-12-10
The current status of the W3C CSS testing infrastructure, the intended future of CSS testing, and what's missing to get us there.
CSS2.1 and the Case for Collaborative Testing 2009-12-10
The role of CSS2.1 and its test suite, and how collaboration among implementors and authors could make the W3C test suites valuable to the Web.
Introducing Brad Kemper, CSSWG Invited Expert 2009-07-10
Brad Kemper, a web designer with an aptitude for the technical side and some good communications skills, joins the CSS Working Group. Here's why.
Layout Is Expensive 2009-01-16
My rant on why proposing a new layout system for CSS is not the best feedback to give the CSSWG.
CSS Working Group Charter 2008 2009-01-14
Report on WASP feedback for the CSSWG charter, an explanation of the rechartering process, and a look at our high-priority specs.
Riddle of the Universe 2008-12-06
I haven't found the answer.
Pulling Back the Curtain: Opening Up the CSS Working Group 2007-05-23
Part II of my perspective on what the CSS Working Group is doing, how it operates, and where it should be headed. This part discusses our problems and how I think we should address them.
Behind the Scenes: What is the CSS Working Group doing? 2007-05-23
Part I of my perspective on what the CSS Working Group is doing, how it operates, and where it should be headed. This part answers some questions and debunks some myths about how we work, what we work on, and why.
The True Story of mpt and fantasai 2007-03-16
or, You've Got Mail: the geeky version. This is a long story: sappy and romantic, but true, and probably the most personal post that will ever make its way here. Skip it if you don't care.
Long Vacation 2006-06-20
Taking a break.
CSS3 Text Evolutions 2006-02-20
Status update on CSS3 Text
What is Mozilla? 2006-02-09
Trying to answer the question "What is Mozilla?"
Empty 2005-12-09
When to Use PDF 2005-09-15
HTML+CSS is not a replacement for PDF—and vice versa.
Revised CSS3 Text - First Public Working Draft 2005-07-09
Announcing a new official W3C Working Draft
Art of Semantics 2005-07-09
Exerpts from a discussion between Christopher Päper and Ian Hickson
Travel Notes 2005-06-08
How to attend W3C meetings in the south of France without spending a fortune
Filibuster Frist 2005-05-03
Just noticing creative protest on a US college campus
UTN 22 2005-04-26
Announcing the publication of Unicode Technical Note 22: Robust Vertical Text Layout
SSSS 2005-03-14
Quad-S to Phoenix, Arizona
CSS and Multi-Script Text 2005-02-14
An announcement, a call for help, and a request for complaints
Free as in Freedom 2005-01-08
Comments on Open Source terminology
The Law of Hospitality 2004-11-14
Musings on the old Code
Organizing the Documentation Effort 2004-10-17
Some ideas for improving the documentation scene
Yom Kippur 2004-09-24
In religious ceremony, sometimes less is more.
Firefox and Switching Styles 2004-09-23
Saving the alternate style switcher for Firefox 1.0
Link Types for RSS and Atom Feeds 2004-09-22
How autodiscovery is corrupting rel="alternate"
An Absence of Aesthetics 2004-08-01
Hixie's not a graphic designer
Sitting on the Outside, Looking Up 2004-07-27
A little bit of nothing, nonsense that means something to me
"A Touch of Class" 2004-07-25
A pleasant Sunday evening in Oslo
Task Force 2004-06-19
W3 2004-05-06
fantasai goes to the Tech Plenary, and other exciting news
A Stitch in Time 2004-01-11
Not quite a disaster
Content and Hype 2003-10-30
English Composition for Marketers
What is Love 2003-11-14
My own definition
Reviewer at Small 2003-10-01
Copyediting CSS2.1
Losing it 2003-09-28
Visions of reality
Personality Type 2003-09-04
Know thyself
Happiness 2003-07-30
Because friends make me happy~
Moving 2003-07-22
Source: Tripod — Destination: InkedBlade
Black Tuesday 2003-07-15
The Ides of July
Words of Wisdom 2003-06-18
Perspective on getting paid
Big and Small 2003-03-29
<big>, <small>, and the subtleties of marking inflectional semantics
Why validate your pages? 2003-01-26
Validation is not pointless
Experiment 2003-01-26
My motivation to start a weblog