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Thoughts on the May 2018 W3C Advisory Board Election

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W3C’s Advisory Board is having an election this month. Here are the candidates and their statements. The role of the AB is to provide “ongoing guidance to the Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution”.

In this election there are 7 candidates for 5 positions. (Michael Champion of Microsoft, Hongru Zhu of Alibaba, Charles McCathie Nevile of Yandex, and Natasha Rooney of GSMA retain their seats until next year.)

I have no vote in this election, but I've got some opinions, so here's my queue of candidates—if you gave me progressively more slots to fill, this is how I'd fill them:

  1. David Singer & Florian Rivoal
  2. Tantek Çelik
  3. Tzviya Siegman & Chris Wilson
  4. Léonie Watson & Jay (Junichi) Kishigami

And here's why:

I am not sure of the best way to translate this set of preferences to an actual ballot. My ordering between the paired candidates in the list above varies as I talk to people and think about it more. (See also bkardell’s concerns about W3C’s use of Meek’s method and how it strongly devalues or ignores anything other than the voter’s first choice.) As of today, though, I'd probably vote Florian, dsinger, Tantek, cwilso, Tzviya, Léonie, and Junichi, in that order, and hope that my first five candidates all receive enough support from others to be placed. The one thing I can say for sure, however, is that the more companies cast an informed vote, the better the results will be. Please encourage your AC representative to learn about the candidates and vote!